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Value Hinged Plastic Access Panel

Value Hinged Plastic Access Panel
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Plastic Access Panels - Value Hinged Plastic Access Panels

Access Panels value, lightweight Plastic Access Panels. Ideal for a value standard hinged access hatch for a surface fit in walls only.

Constructed from lightweight ABS plastic with a glossy plastic surface, which is non-decorative. Recommended for wall applications only. Bevelled picture frame finish. Push catch to open and close. Subtle logo molded into the front door.

To fit, simply cut a hole in the plasterboard and apply a caulking adhesive to the back of the frame and press it into place.

Our Range of Value access panels are aimed for tradespeople who are on a budget but still want a professional finish.

Plastic Access Panels provide the perfect solution for repairing damage to walls or for creating access to:

  • Plumbing & Central Heating Manifolds
  • Ducts, Valves, Soil, Waste & Sanitary fittings
  • Security devices, hidden services & wiring
  • Electrical & telecommunication controls
  • Designed for wall only applications.
  • Gloss finish and undecorative.
  • Enable quick and convenient access to concealed equipment and utility lines.
  • Made of high-quality ABS plastic.
  • Left or right-side opening.
  • Press gently to close. To open use a flat head screwdriver
  • The swinging doors provide maximum clearance while accessing utility lines.
  • Please note: The Value Access Panels have a Logo Stamp on the door


Wall OpeningDoor SizeDepthTotal Size
100 x 100mm93 x 93mm25mm137 x 137mm
150 x 150 mm123 x 123mm25mm167 x 167mm
150 x 300 mm123 x 273mm25mm167 x 317mm
200 x 200 mm173 x 173mm25mm217 x 217mm
200 x 300 mm173 x 273mm25mm217 x 317mm
200 x 400 mm173 x 373mm25mm217 x 417mm
300 x 300 mm273 x 273mm25mm317 x 317mm
300 x 400 mm273 x 373mm25mm317 x 417mm
300 x 600 mm273 x 573mm25mm317 x 617mm
400 x 500 mm373 x 473mm25mm417 x 517mm
400 x 600 mm373 x 573mm25mm417 x 617mm
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