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Manthorpe GL250 Loft Hatch 562x726 - Plastic Access Hatch

Manthorpe GL250 Loft Hatch 562x726 - Plastic Access Hatch
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Manthorpe GL250 Loft Hatch 562x726 - Plastic Access Hatch.

The revolutionary design of the multi-point catch mechanism means that the GL250 door can maintain a more effective draught seal around the entire accessible opening, helping to meet the air leakage requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations and preventing the problem of moist warm air entering.

Draught seals are located to seal between both the frame and the ceiling and the door and the frame. These prevent the problem of moist warm air entering the roof space and meet the air leakage requirements of Part L of the building regulations. The product is also supplied with 50mm of expanded polystyrene insulation to thermally insulate the back of the door.

The door and frame is stylish yet unobtrusive which has been designed to fit in with almost all house decor styles. With a lightly textured white finish the door can be easily cleaned with a solvent free damp cloth, or alternatively the GL250 can be painted to match the décor.

The door catch can be operated by hand or with a pole (pole not supplied).

Preparation states "Prepare a suitable opening in the ceiling of 562mm x 726mm in size, ensuring there is at least 100mm between the edge of the opening and any wall or obstruction"

Product Benefits

  • Frame seals to ceiling
  • Thermally insulated lid
  • Secure catches to ensure draught sealing and to prevent wind uplift
  • Easy-clean textured finish
  • Pre-formed frame and fixing screws provided
  • Foam compression seal for draught free fitting
  • The GL250 has a 50mm EPS (Polystyrene) insulation pad

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