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Dome Roof Lights

Dome Roof Lights:

The Mardome Rooflights are available in 2 Variations, Mardome Trade and Mardome Ultra.

Mardome Trade

The Mardome Trade is the standard specification dome in the range and comes complete with a host of features and benefits as standard to satisfy a range of projects and budgets.

Contemporary Design

  • Sleek, contemporary aesthetics inside and out.
  • Aerodynamic low rise glazing unit.
  • Cabling and actuators hidden within the kerb on mains powered units.

Maximum Daylight

  • The side walls of the Mardome kerb are designed with a steep slope to allow a larger glazing unit to be fitted for maximum daylight area 

Mardome Ultra

The Mardome Ultra is the architectural dome in the range. In addition to the standard features offered by Mardome Trade, the architecturally inspired Ultra delivers maximum security and a modern aluminium security frame.


  • Tamper-proof security fixings are concealed under the aluminium frame for the maximum security and complete peace of mind.
  • Secret lock system allows domes to be installed and the Ultra latch locked securely into place providing the highest possible security level and can only be opened with the Mardome security Key.
  • Contemporary low rise dome design is complemented by the stylish aluminium frame which can be in a silver anodised finish or powder coated to any standard RAL colour.

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